About us

Who we are

We are a team of experienced tutors across different disciplines and with over 20 years experience teaching and mentoring students. As changes in the world of Education have accelerated we realised the existing solution of cobbling multiple apps for each administrative task just wasn't doing the job well enough.

We found ourselves spending too much time on administrative tasks, dealing with errors due to information being spread across different places. We imagined a simple and secure tool to manage students information, schedules, notifications, messaging and track student performance. It would be nice if it also gave us a view as to our earnings.

After lots of research and conversations with our peers, Class Captain is our solution to how to effective manage your tutoring business.

Our Mission

We aim to inspire all tutors, teachers and instructors, regardless of the type of class they teach, to be empowered to run their own business. We want to remove the administrative headaches and give them more time to focus on the rewarding task of passing on knowledge to their students and the resulting freedom of earning more for them and their families.