A tutor’s influence is endless — Tutors as role models

A tutor’s influence is endless — Tutors as role models

One of the reasons why tutoring is a rewarding profession is because of the potential impact you can leave on your tutees’ lives. You are more likely to have a unique relationship with your tutees than a regular teacher, this is due to the mostly one-on-one nature of tutoring, and you are thus in a position to be a more direct influence on them given the time spent together.

For example, by helping a GCSE English student navigate Macbeth ahead of their exam, you may inspire a lifelong love of Shakespeare because of how passionate you are in your tutoring sessions. Passion is the key to influencing your tutee; it allows your tutee to relax, accept your contributions more and it is ultimately infectious.

A tutor who is brought in for a specific reason can easily help their tutees proceed to the next stage in life; this will ultimately allow them to navigate the world effectively and your involvement during this crucial point of their life will likely remain with them a very long time.

Sometimes we need a reminder of this, but tutoring is a way to affect so many lives and it all starts within ourselves. A great tutor can be a great role model for their tutees and the passion a tutor can share can always inspire. A tutor’s influence can be like a giant wave, the ripples of which can be ongoing throughout the lives of their tutees.

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