Different ways to tutor

Different ways to tutor

There are a multitude of methods tutors can use when it comes to teaching their students specific elements of their studies. Whether this is done in a classroom or a workshop, there are different ways tutors can create the right environment for their students to flourish in.

3 different strategies to use

Below we have three different ways for tutors to engage their students

  1. Encourage critical thinking — with this, you can help your students analytical skills by encouraging them to truly engage with the subject. Probe them on their meanings and encourage them to seek further insight in their subject matter
  2. Time based exercises — timed exercises, and putting your students in a constrained position, can help students with their memory retention of whatever the subject is. Whether it be a workout routine or reciting times table, a time based exercise can help a student focus on the task at hand, slowly removing doubt from them.
  3. Games — one surefire way to make any boring subject more fun is to incorporate an element of game into the learning process. This can be as simple as points for correct answers, leading to a prize, to a complicated board game. The point is to encourage students to enjoy the learning process.

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