How much should I charge? A tutor’s guide to pricing

How much should I charge? A tutor’s guide to pricing

When considering starting a career as a tutor, one of the key decisions to make is how much you will charge for your services. It is key to ensure you are asking for a fee for your time which justifies you starting this career and allows it to be more rewarding. We’ve listed a few factors to consider when setting the price for your services.


When considering what you can tutor, what qualifications you possess, what level and where from is the logical first step to consider. The further you are trained and educated in a subject or field, the more you can demand as an hourly fee for your tutoring expertise. A tutor who only has a GCSE, or equivalent, in a subject cannot charge the same as someone who has a degree in the same field.


If you are new to the world of tutoring, then your lack of experience means that you cannot ask for the same as someone who is an experienced tutor. If you have been tutoring for a while, your continuous experience and growth may mean that you consider raising your prices based on your experience. When this happens is entirely up to you, based on your confidence in keeping tutees as well as gaining new ones, especially when you consider the market.

Subject Area

As alluded to above, the market of other tutors you are competing with means that some subject areas have more expert subject tutors than others. This means that common subjects, like English and Maths, do not tend to charge the same level of a more niche or specialist subject such as Advanced Architecture. The rarer the subject specialist is, the more you can charge when compared to other more mainstream subjects.

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