Memorisation techniques for tutees

Memorisation techniques for tutees

When it comes to testing a tutee’s knowledge on the subject, then memorisation becomes an important part of the tutee’s learning process. Without this, a tutee may struggle in a test environment and therefore, not achieve their full potential. We’ve listed a few techniques below for tutors to have in mind when they are preparing their tutees and want to review how much they know.

Summary paragraphs

One way to ensure that your tutee is aware of the subject is to ask them to write summary paragraphs about the topic on a regular basis. This way, as you move through an entire syllabus of knowledge, regardless of subject, your tutee will show how well they understand the topic on a regular basis. This allows you to adapt your sessions, spending more time on certain topics if need be.

Mind Maps

A visual gem that allows tutees to break down a subject into many parts, mind maps with a topic in the middle and branches that show information allow a tutee to show all of their understanding. It also forces them to route out where the common points of knowledge are on a subject. It is also a handy revision tool, giving a quick visual cue for a tutee’s memory which is invaluable when revising.

Testing regularly and overall engagement

A surefire way to get tutees ready to be tested on a subject is to simply…. Test them regularly. This is a way to ensure tutees get used to the testing conditions: timed settings, certain styles of questions and knowing what is expected of them when it comes to their answers. Practice makes perfect after all! Testing allows you to gauge as well how they are engaging overall in the subject matter and with that knowledge, you can adapt accordingly to your tutee’s needs.

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