The Rise Of Online Tutoring

The Rise Of Online Tutoring
Online tutoring has only increased in recent years and the trend in learning this way doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Online tutoring has seen a rise, due to the increase in internet usage globally, with impacts on the education system across the globe. The effectiveness of online tutoring has also increased. A study by the Sutton Trust pre-Covid 19 discovered that 25% of secondary school children in the UK had engaged with tutoring outside of school.

Recent studies have vindicated the view that tutoring is becoming widely accepted, with the market trends, even within the Covid-19 pandemic, the growth in the global industry is predicted to be worth $19 billion by 2030

This is in comparison to most recent research done in this area to be at the $6 billion mark in 2021. The question must be asked, what is causing this rise in online tutoring? There are a few ideas around this

  • Internet connectivity allows learning to be done in all forms across the globe
  • Access to specialists in subject areas has become easier
  • The growing number of admission standards means test scores are highly valued
  • Continuous development of professional skills is a burgeoning market

With this growth continuing, if you’re considering a career in tutoring, there are a few questions that you may have.

Can tutoring be a full time job?

Tutoring can absolutely become a full time profession, whether you are: spending time gaining students, planning your classes, administration, marketing yourself and not to mention the actual classes, you can experience a varied lifestyle and learning curve as you gain more experience. Before you know it, you’ll have a full time job!

Can tutoring be a career?

As alluded to above, and seeing the growing trend of online learning, what can easily start as a quick way to make some money short term can easily blossom into a career. There are many people who initially tutored, thinking it was a short term project, only for them to love it enough to make a career out of it. As the sector grows overall as well globally, there is more scope and opportunities for careers to also flourish within tutoring.

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