Tutoring and mentoring

Tutoring and mentoring

A tutor and a mentor

There are a few differences between a tutor and a mentor, despite there being a few overlaps

There are cases where a mentor could become a tutor and a mentor could become a tutor, there are also cases where this overlap doesn’t occur at all.

The difference between them both

The main difference between a tutor and a mentor is simply the approach in how they report and record the relationship with the student and whether or not they view themselves as a mentee as well as a student.

A tutor’s relationship with a student tends to be based on the subject matter at hand, whether that be weight-lifting, training for a marathon or analysing Shakespeare. A mentor’s relationship with a student however is all about building the personal rapport with the mentee, learning their likes and dislikes, building the trust from there and being a good role model for the mentee.

Can one become like the other?

There are certainly scenarios you may find yourself in when tutoring where you realise you have a personal trust with the student which may make you believe that you’re a mentor to them. An example would be if the student confides in you personal information outside of the subject area. This is something that a tutor should be aware of, that they may be a role model of some type for their student, however this isn’t always the case and shouldn’t be expected.

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