Tutoring — common occurrences to be aware of

Tutoring — common occurrences to be aware of

Tutoring can be a rewarding and special activity where you are constantly seeing growth in your tutees’ performance and knowledge in the subject area you are guiding them with. However, similar to all sectors of work, there are always hindrances which can distract from the tutoring activities themselves. We’ve listed two below for your awareness.

Too much admin!

Monitoring your activities when you only have a small pool of tutees can be easily managed, however, once you have more than a handful of regular tutees, there are a myriad of tasks to keep track of. You could always view this as the price of being successful of course! Some of them include: keeping track of your own schedule, materials to use for students, payments from tutees, storing all the information you receive from tutees and their progress over time.

Late cancellations/reschedules

A common occurrence with tutoring is the chance of any scheduled activity being rescheduled, or ultimately cancelled for good, with little to no notice period. This can be for a multitude of reasons, many of which are supremely valid, so it’s important to not always view this as a negative. As much as a notice period would be nice, this isn’t always possible when it comes to your tutees, depending on their individual circumstances. It’s important to maintain perspective in these circumstances, as you may end up requiring to cancel a session at late notice at some point.

Transparent communication

Communication between tutor and tutees is paramount to a successful tutoring relationship. Unfortunately, and sometimes this can be the tutor, communication isn’t as clear-cut for both parties. This especially applies for a tutor or tutee’s expectations going into the sessions e.g. a tutee’s homework being completed or the manner in which a session is taught etc. as well as the entire reason for the tutoring relationship to exist. It is important to constantly clarify with your tutees, and relevant parties surrounding the tutee e.g. parents/guardians etc., the goals and expectations they can meet, as well as their individual circumstances that may be worth knowing about.

These are a few common occurrences you may encounter when you are tutoring. Despite this, we believe tutoring is still a fantastic pursuit, where you learn to communicate ideas better, be part of continuous learning on your own part and contribute to a person’s overall learning.

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