Questions All Tutors Should Answer

Questions All Tutors Should Answer

When approached to tutor a tutee, tutees are encouraged to vet the tutor to ensure that they believe that the tutor can support them successfully. Below are a few questions that a tutor should be able to answer, as well as some general advice overall.

“How do you adapt to a tutee’s needs?”

This is a general question that is addressing your soft skills as well as how you focus on what a student is missing/needs help with. One thing that is key in your response is to show your adaptability and also how you focus on a tutee’s strengths and build from there, rather than focusing on the weaknesses of a student.

“How do you ensure tutee’s understand the subject?”

This is a thorough question that is asking how you ensure that your tutee understands the full depth of the concept you’re covering, regardless of subject, and how you can be confident in their knowledge. One way to cover this is to ensure that you lead your tutees to the correct answer but you allow them to get there on their own and come to their own conclusions.

“What’s your availability outside of sessions?”

This question is a way for a tutee to know whether or not that you are contactable outside of session time. A tutor should be able to respond to messages and queries from tutees outside of the session, so if you have a strict window of how/when you reply to messages, be sure to communicate this to the tutee. This way, you manage expectations and your tutee will hopefully will not message you at 2am in the morning and expect an instant response.

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